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My mom is an ethnic German. Her ancestors came to Russia under Peter I. Then they moved to Moscow. From Moscow (Stalin's time), they were exiled to Siberia, in German settlement, where my mother was born. My mom happily married with my dad for more than 40 years. I'm pretty early married (as I was 20 years old) and 20 years lived in a marriage. Our relationship was happy. Most of the time I devoted to family and home. But one day my husband changed his faith and went to India, completely gone in Buddhism, now he is living in India. I can not imagine my life without a man. I do not think that is enough for a woman to be realized only as a mother. I have a great, open, sociable children. But I think that the first thing for a woman is to be realized as a loving and caring wife.
Date Of Birth 1983-12-14
Country, city Russia, Samara
Interests Photography, theater, ballet, traveling, architecture, sea, dancing (salsa), soap-making, learning foreign languages, walking, nature, diving, billiards, roller skating, skiing.
Personality Honest, open, kind, responsible.
Message I'm looking for an active, easy-going, loving life man with a sense of humor.
Height 172
Weight 59
Hair Color Blond
Hair Length Long
Education Choreographer, translator, teacher of the English language
Children Son (2003), daughter (2007)