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I was born in a family of military doctors, whose main values are help people regardless of social status and traditional family values: love, care, respect, family support, freedom of choice and equality of every member in the family. I studied a lot, my main career was hotelier and logistician - made in foreign companies. I worked in Vienna, Rotterdam, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi. I have been engaged in industrial construction for the last few years (logistics centers). By nature I am very positive person. I play sports: pilates, lawn and beach tennis, breathing practices, I lead a healthy lifestyle. My hobby - wine expert. I love all seasons. In the summer I do gardening, outdoor sports, picnics, nature trips. In spring and autumn I like wine tours, traveling. In winter- skiing, fireplace, house. In people I appreciate decency, sense of humor, business qualities, discipline, healthy lifestyle, kindness, helping others, acceptance. Compliance with agreements, mutual respect, support, love =acceptance are important for me in the relations.
Date Of Birth 1979-04-03
Country, city Russia, Samara
Interests Pilates, lawn tennis, beach
tennis, downhill skiing, snowboarding, wine expert, wine etiquette,
winemaking and viticulture
Personality Sociable, kind, positive
Message My future partner should be a partner in all aspects of life (business, home, family, etc.) He should respect for women and family values, have
sense of humor, lead a healthy lifestyle.
Height 164
Weight 58
Hair Color Blond
Hair Length Long
Education Construction of industrial facilities (warehouses, factories), private sommelier, wine tours
Children Daughter (2010)