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I am kind, I will always come to the rescue, I try to keep my words and promises, I am responsible for words and actions, I am purposeful, I compromise if it is important in a relationship, I know how to listen to my partner. I'm a morning person, I love to get up early, to do a lot of things in time. I am hospitable, I like to invite guests and cook delicious food. I dream of gathering a large family around one table. I will be glad if my partner has close contact with his family. I know how to treat all family members with respect. I have a well-developed sense of tact. I love to be an organizer of interesting trips, events, activities to make life full and bright. In a relationship it’s important for me to feel behind a man like behind a stone wall.
Date Of Birth 1998-05-23
Country, city Russia, St Petersburg
Interests Gym, snowboarding, nature, walking, learning foreign languages, traveling,
cooking, tasting new dishes,
food festivals
Personality Kind, responsible, purposeful
Message I am looking for an honest, responsible, kind man. A man should keep his words.
Height 160
Weight 58
Hair Color Light brown
Hair Length Long
Education Doctor-therapist
Children No