One step to Your love...


I am an optimist and I believe that nothing is impossible. There are no problems for me, there are tasks that need to be solved. There is always a way out, unless it's from the other world, but that's not for sure. I like to learn new things about people, the world and myself. I believe that love begins with oneself. I always strive, move, keep the course only forward. I love daisies and I dream of visiting Disneyland in Paris. I love delicious coffee, smart people and I live in the philosophy of "the best or nothing". I don't make relationships for show, I don't waste time on dating. I know what I want and what I don't need. I believe in love, causality and morality.
Date Of Birth 1990-08-20
Country, city Russia, Samara
Interests Roller skates, cycling, swimming, snowboarding,
skiing, chess, reading, painting, traveling, dancing, deep cinema, diving.
Personality An optimist, purposeful, achieving a goal
Message A large-scale personality, a conscious understanding and worldview, intelligence,
a sense of humor, self-worth, the desire to move forward and not stand still, the presence of hobbies, responsibility, loyalty, versatility, broad horizons,
success, ease of ascent, love of travel and discovery, kindness, respect for a woman, decency, well-read, a positive view of the world.
Height 164
Weight 59
Hair Color Blond
Hair Length Long
Education Lawyer
Children No