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Every day, when I wake up, I create from myself the girl of my own dreams. I work on myself every day. I am grateful to my parents that I grew up in a psychologically healthy and strong family. I have a good example of parents who are loyal to each other. At the age of 15, I became a 5-time laureate of the accordion) I love going to symphony orchestras. Every day I am learning something new. I have three higher educations. I graduated from Kharkov National University with bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology, as well as Kuban National University with a degree in agronomist. In addition, I took advanced training courses in Amsterdam. Over the past year, I've created a network of environmentally friendly products. I've my own farm. I am developing a personal brand for the sale of the "Freshness" franchise. Although I am 24 years old, I have a team of 77 people who respect and listen to me very much. Psychology helps a lot in this. Over the past year, I have had many obstacles, thanks to which I feel myself from experience not 24, but 84 years!) Wisdom has increased a lot! My psychology professor says: "Victoria, you are a very mature person!" I can advise people older than I, and not be uncomfortable about it. I feel confident! No matter how I was dressed - confidence and strength are always with me, everywhere, every day! With all these leadership qualities, I am an incredibly positive person. I am ONLY for positive psychology! I love life so much, that when my brain sees and hears negative, it automatically rearranges the situation to positive. But, for all my strength of consciousness, I am very gentle. Every sunday I spend time with my friends, we go at the spa or for walks in nature. I am very sociable, I will always come to the rescue. When I have time, I cook deliciously. It takes 5 minutes, I like quick recipes. Over the past year, I have learned to delegate my responsibilities, and I felt freedom. I want to direct this freedom to my man.
Date Of Birth 1997-03-22
Country, city Russia, Gelendzhik
Interests Snowboard, road bike, handball, swimming, light acrobat, running, shooting, aromas, psychology, music.
Personality Positive, sociable, cheerful
Message I am looking for a kind, brave, honest, purposeful, punctual, faithful, neat man.
Height 178
Weight 63
Hair Color Fair-haired
Hair Length Long
Education Child psychologist, agronomist.
Children No