One step to Your love...


I am a loyal, kind and honest person, easy-going, wise, delicate, gentle. After graduating from the institute, I worked in the library for many years. Communication with books and people always brings me joy in my life. But for more than 15 years I have been a representative of the Swedish cosmetics concern. I like my job. Because it does not involve binding to a specific place of residence. Therefore, I decided to move to a warm country for a while and rented a house in Turkey (Kemer). I am a representative of a cosmetics brand. Now I live on the seashore and work remotely. Happiness is being "with a part", you need a couple to feel the fullness of life. There are many wonderful, amazing things in life that you want to give, multiply and share with your loved man. I dream of meeting a man with whom I want to fall asleep and wake up in the same bed, build a happy family, go through life in love and joy.
Date Of Birth 1968-06-10
Country, city Turkey, Kemer
Interests Traveling, reading books (Russian and foreign
classics), cooking, Hiking, swimming, cycling, dancing.
Personality Loyal, kind, honest
Message I am looking for an independent, confident, kind, reliable, caring, generous man with a broad soul.
Height 170
Weight 70
Hair Color Dark brown
Hair Length Short
Education Businesswoman
Children Daughter (1986)