One step to Your love...


I grew up in a wonderful loving family. My father is a pilot, a ship commander, a man who is in love with the sky and his profession. My mother is also associated with aviation, she worked as an air traffic controller for 20 years. I have a younger sister. She lives in Moscow. I am a creative and romantic nature, esthete. I believe in love, I love everything beautiful and I try to surround myself with what gives me aesthetic pleasure. My hobby has grown into my profession. I became a photographer, although I studied to be an English translator and economist. I am calm, I do not like noisy parties, I prefer communication only with close friends. Friends think I'm empathic and a good listener. I am not a very athletic person, but quite active. I do not like to stay at home for a long time, I like walkings, sometimes I go to a fitness club. The most important thing for me is close people. It is important for me to be in harmony with myself, learn new things, visit interesting places (for example, exhibitions), travel out of town and admire nature. In childhood, my dreams often changed. I wanted to be both an actress and a teacher, and to work in aviation, like my parents. I have been looking for myself and my path for a long time. I am the person for whom it is important that the work is loved and creative, so I tried myself in different spheres and came to the conclusion that photography suits my nature most of all. The man of my dreams is, first of all, the one with whom we will have some kind of magic, chemistry. I appreciate balanced, smart, calm, wise, strong men, who take responsibility for their family, who need a woman as a muse. I would like a man to be young at heart, no matter how old he is, so that we have a common sense of humor (we understood each other's jokes), so that he is a faithful, interesting interlocutor, loves tenderness, in general, so that in our relationship there was harmony. It doesn't matter to me where my future man will be - in Russia or abroad, there is no goal to leave, there is a goal - to find my man! I have no children. I would like to have them in a strong marriage, where love and harmony reign. If my chosen man has children from previous marriages, it doesn't matter, the main thing is that everyone in the family treats each other with warmth, respect and love. I have visited Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Thailand, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, UAE. I am a very warm-hearted person, I love the warm ocean, for me the most unforgettable trip was to the Seychelles, there is incredible nature. I also really liked Greece (Crete) I would like to visit Santorini, see Europe (Italy, France, Spain, etc.) Since childhood, my favorite holiday is New Year. In Russia, it is celebrated in the same way as Christmas. This is the time when the whole family gets together, wishes are made, when it is cold outside, and there is a warm magical atmosphere at home. I cook according to my mood. In winter, I usually bake pies (apple, cherry), prepare a national dish - borscht, hearty salads, which we traditionally cook in the cold season, in summer- vegetable salads, bake fish, chicken and vegetables in various forms. I am a very loyal and reverent partner, it is important for me that there is mutual understanding and happiness in the relationship, I have no bad habits, a fairly open and cheerful person, for me the family is the main value, while I understand that each family member should have time for yourself - for your hobbies and interests.
Date Of Birth 1984-08-03
Country, city Russia, Moscow
Interests Photography, painting, fashion, style, psychology, traveling, theater, opera, ballet
Personality Calm, loyal, creative
Message I am looking for a kind, open-minded, purposeful man, with a sense of humor, who knows how to show his love, a gentleman, ready to take responsibility for the family, respecting other people's interests.
Height 173
Weight 65
Hair Color Chestnut
Hair Length Long
Education Photographer
Children No