Ein Schritt zu deiner Liebe ...


I have high level of education, in university of Medicine. I’d worked in dentistry during 5 years. In early 2000 I’d changed field of my professional life and got miniMBA, course of business administration. Currently I am working on position of General Manager in restaurant business (small chain of Japanese bistros). I’d lived abroad- in the USA , for couple years. My son was graduated from high school and I’d managed his process of education.  In relationships- my goal to feel stream  of emotional energy inside the couple. I prefer to give my partner the energy to be the best man in the world! And I dream to feel the same from his side !To trust, to be in honesty, to live in  warm of love- values of perfect couple. I can hear and listen, to plan, to dream and to do. 
Date Of Birth 23.07.1971
Country, city Russia, Samara
Interests Pilates, yoga, tennis, downhill skiing, rhythmic gymnastics,
making jewelry, communication, volunteer work, traveling, photography, cuisines of the world, theater.
Personality Strong, serious, open, sociable.
Message You will be waking up at morning and happy smiling! And at the end of the day- will be running at home to hug me!
Height 176
Weight 62
Hair Color Chestnut
Hair Length Long
Education Dentist
Children Son (1997)