Ein Schritt zu deiner Liebe ...


As a child, I dreamed of becoming a translator and even graduated school with in-depth study of the English language. But the choice of the profession was predetermined by my parents - they are both the doctors of science. I do not regret for a second that I also became a doctor. I love my work, communication with people, I appreciate the opportunity to help people and make the life of my patients more beautiful. I have many interests. During my school years I was engaged in figure skating, dancing, music. Hence there is the love for art in general. Even in traveling, I like the cognitive side: history, culture, architecture, museums, opera. I have been to many European countries for work (conferences, studies), and simply on vacation. By nature, I am a very "pair" person. I need to take care of someone, share joy, new knowledge, impressions from the world. I am gentle, soft, compliant, easy compromise. I grew up in a family with classic life and family values. I love and know how to create home comfort; I try to keep myself in shape, I go in for sports actively, I always try to look good. Life without love is losing color therefore I want to love and be loved!
Date Of Birth 20.01.1976
Country, city Russia, Samara
Interests Fitness, hiking, cycling, swimming, figure skating
(candidate for master of sports), I am fond of art (I prefer early impressionism), I love classical opera music, ballet; I love
animals; I really love to travel,
learn new countries with their history, culture.
Personality Gentle, soft, compliant.
Message I am looking for a smart, high intelligence, well-mannered,
honest, decent and reliable,
purposeful man.
Height 164
Weight 62
Hair Color Blond
Hair Length Short
Education Endocrinologist
Children Daughter (1999), son (2005)