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I want to love and to be loved. It is important for me to show my love and to feel love from a man. Love for me is trust, care, responsiveness, understanding, skill to listen and to hear, the warmth of feelings. I grew up in a full family where everyone took care of each other. My mom is a speech therapist, my dad is a leader in public service. It was my parents who instilled in me the classic family values, that I dream about. I am a doctor, now I work in the field of cosmetology. This work assumes the presence of such qualities as care, attention, sympathy for other people, responsibility and understanding. I try to develop as a person, I read a lot, I study languages, I can keep up the conversation on various topics. Inwardly, I feel my readiness to create a family, the foundation of which will be love, care and acceptance of each other. And my husband will always be well fed)
Date Of Birth 1989-03-14
Country, city Russia, Samara
Interests Numismatics, cooking (cuisines of different nations), history, foreign languages, traveling, museums, theater, cinema,
live music concerts. I'm learning to play the guitar.
Personality Open, sociable, kind
Message I am looking for a smart, honest, open, kind, decent man.
Height 164
Weight 55
Hair Color Light brown
Hair Length Long
Education Dentist, maxillofacial surgery, cosmetologist
Children No