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I grew up in love, in a family where sensitivity, caring and support was not easy words. I took it to my adult life and I really appreciate close relationships, sincerity and the ability to trust. I went to school early, studied at the Lyceum, got an excellent profession in the university. I love my job very much. I love to meet new people, new places, to get to know the culture of others countries. As a child, I had a dream in which I was a magic box in which you could find something that is very valuable to you. I still remember that dream and I like this image. I have many features that complement each other. For example, I am organized and purposeful, but at the same time I am sensual and tender. I love a cozy intimate communication, but acquaintance with new people is also an incredible hobby for me. I do not like to complicate life, but I like both exact sciences and "complex" aromas. I am thoughtful and at the same time I really appreciate a good joke and I love to laugh from the bottom of my heart. I can see new facets of life, inspire new achievements, keep the best in people close to me. A man will find a smart and reliable life companion in me, and he will also open a temperamental and sensual woman in me when we are together. I like it when my man feels elated and capable to achieve whatever he wants. I can support the love of life and ease of relationship.
Date Of Birth 1982-12-29
Country, city Russia, Samara
Interests I love to learn new things. Singing, participating in orchestra (flute, drum, rabbast), guitar, reading, poing and juggling, body percussion; dancing, social games, etc. (now I am
limited in time).
Personality Purposeful, sensual, tender
Message I am looking for an honest, caring, faithful, generous man, with high value of intimacy in couple. He should be good-minded, able to plan and achieve goals, practical, with a desire to develop and with a sense of humor.
Height 165
Weight 52
Hair Color Light blond
Hair Length Medium
Education Clinical psychologist
Children Daughter (2007)