One step to Your love...


It's always embarrassing to talk about myself, but I will try to outline in a few words, taking a pinch of humor. I love life, I love to feast on and enjoy every moment of it. I can be strict and mischievous, elegant and luxurious, but I can be simple and unpretentious. I know how to make gloomy weekdays warm and clear. I believe in people. I am optimistic, sociable, I believe in sincere, true love. A man without love likes a jug without bottom. I am reliable, gentle, sensual. I am responsive, able to surround a man with care, kindness, love, tenderness, comfort, understanding. I think I am a worthy keeper of the hearth. I can support and just be a real companion, gently prompting and guiding the man. By choosing me a man will feel the fullness and depth of the "life river ”, a bright palette of feelings and emotions. I will be a friend, like-minded person, the one with whom he is not afraid to enter the period of the "Third age". Mutual understanding, respect, trust, friendliness, like-mindedness, consent, partnership, support for each other, ability and willingness to find compromises are important for me in the relations.
Date Of Birth 1973-10-11
Country, city USA, Miami
Interests Reading, traveling, cooking, communication with
interesting people, visiting
exhibitions related to achievements in
various industries, creating comfort at home (keep the "hearth"), I like writing, watching movies with meaning, theater,
Personality Optimist, communicative, reliable, gentle, sensual
Message I am looking for a sincere, reliable, strong in spirit,
educated, self-sufficient,
responsible, humorous, empathetic, gallant, honest,
kind, neat, romantic.
Height 178
Weight 75
Hair Color Dark blond
Hair Length Long
Education Civil Lawyer
Children no