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I am a simple person who loves life, my family and my friends. My friends are important for me, these are people whom I can always rely on at any moment of my life, with whom I can be myself, I can joke, be sad, have fun, I appreciate them for it. I am responsive and friendly, I like to communicate with people, I believe in their good sides. I am cheerful, I love humor, I like to joke and I like people who understand jokes, who do not take offense, and who can joke in return. Humor helps us to relax and always remain optimistic) I am romantic in my heart, I believe in love and that somewhere my dear person exists. I love water very much, it reassures me. I like to come to the embankment and look at the water or walk near the water. I like to watch it shimmer, I like this watery smell. I like night time or early morning, the beauty of the lights of the night city has always bewitched and the night smell, like the fresh smell of the early morning. I love sunsets and sunrises. I'm afraid of heights, extreme slides and attractions are not for me)
Date Of Birth 1986-07-08
Country, city Russia, Saransk
Interests Music, movies, reading.
Personality Responsive, friendly, cheerful.
Message It is important for me that a man always remains a man, strong, reliable, keeps his word, while loving and caring, in return a woman always takes care of the rest, about him.
Height 168
Weight 50
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length Long
Education Higher
Full age 33