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I am a very creative person, so I’ve been engaged in floristry for 19 years. I love children and flowers. Perhaps this love gave impetus to my new business. Now I have a School for girls, where we teach them needlework, creativity, etiquette and much more. An important part of my life is communication with nature. I love mountains, a forest, water, I love to sit in the evening by the fire, look at the stars. Such vacation is much closer to me than a rest in a five-star all-inclusive hotel. I am a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and I would like a man to be a non-smoker. I will be glad to become a friend to the children who are raised by a man. If we both decide, we can become the parents of our common child - I do not mind once again becoming a mother. One of my hobbies is pair dances (salsa, bochata). Dance is the life. And in my life now I really lack a partner who is close in spirit to a person, a like-minded person.
Date Of Birth 1979-12-17
Country, city Russia
Interests Dances (salsa, bochata, folk), bicycle, swimming, fitness,
needlework (embroidery, crafts), floristry (creating bouquets of fresh and inanimate flowers, fruits), hiking, nature. Kayaks, mountains, theater, movies, reading, traveling.
Personality Open, sincere, creative.
Message I am looking for a responsible, sincere man.
Height 163
Weight 50
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length Long
Education Higher